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Jan. 15th, 2030 10:28 am
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Here are some stories that I have written:


Hubris and its sequel Safer With Her


The Place Where, When You Go There, They Have To Take You In

Repairing The Damage

The Only Thing New In This World, written for [ profile] bsg_remix  in 2011.

(oh, and an unfinished story I have abandoned: Tenure Track )


Is There A Doctor In The White House?

Cost Of Friendship
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A couple of years ago, I posted the following challenge:

Tell me about a story I haven't written and I'll write you one sentence about it. 

I love this idea, so it's going to be the permanent opening post of this journal.  Please feel free to pose me new problems whenever you'd like.
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This is a remix of/companion piece to The History Books Forgot About Us b [ profile] miabicicletta nbsp;an [ profile] sunshine_queen nbsp;that I wrote as part of the 2011 BSG Remix. It will make much more sense if you read the original, but, in a nutshell, it tells the story of eleven previous lives which the spirits that became Bill Adama and Laura Roslin had shared together on each of the twelve colonies.

What might happen, I wonder, if the processes that bind those two souls together snare someone else in their wake?

The Only Thing New In This World... )
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First, thanks so much for writing a story for me. I'm excited to read something new about these characters that I love.

Second, if the specifics of my request are too daunting for you, follow your muse. I'd much rather read a story that isn't exactly what I wanted that comes from the heart than a tortured attempt to write something you hate just to please me.

Third, just in case I need to mention it, I don't care for cruelty. I can enjoy stories in which bad things happen to good people, or in which good people have to do bad things, but I don't care for deliberate evil (except for brief examples of supervillains being supervillains.)

Anyway, here's some more specifics about my fandoms:

Fandom stuff )

Anyway, thanks again for making me a special holiday story. I hope you have as much fun writing it as I will reading it.
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Last December, I wrote a story for the Yuletide Treasures, and I just realized that I never posted it here.

The Cost of Friendship

based on the movie Constantine

PG 13 (some violence, sadly no sex)

4432 words

"I need a favor, John." 
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 The atmosphere in CIC was weirdly calm.  Everyone spoke quietly, concentrated on their duties, and did their best to ignore the blood stains where Private Jaffee had died the day before.  No one said anything beyond what their duties required, and none of them met the Admiral's gaze.

Then, two hours after his shift began, at his post manning the comms station, Lieutenant Hoshi began to cry.  Not quiet tears that might have gone unnoticed, nor even a gentle sobbing that the Old Man and the XO might have chosen to overlook, but the harsh, agonized wails of a soul in torment.

Admiral Adama strode over to stare directly up at him.  "Mr. Hoshi," he said after moment.  The crying continued unabated, indeed with no sign that the junior officer had even heard him.  "Mr. Hoshi!" he repeated, eyes narrowing.  "Resume your duties, or I'll have you relieved."  Hoshi lay his face in his hands, unable to stop.

Colonel Tigh climbed the stairs and went to the distraught younger man.  "Bill," he said softly, "I'll handle this."  Gesturing over a specialist, Tigh helped Hoshi to his feet, and led him to the observation area over the CIC, and closed the door.

Hoshi sat down.  Tigh gave him some water.  Shortly, Hoshi had regained enough composure to say: "Thank you."

"Don't mention it," Tigh replied.  

Silence stretched between them for perhaps a minute, and then Hoshi asked: "Sir, what should I do?"

Tigh shook his head.  "I don't know, son.  I know what I would do, but you need to do what you have to take care of yourself.  If  you need some time to grieve before you can do your job, then say so, and that will be that."

Hoshi nodded. "What would you do, then, sir?"

"Well, Lieutenant..." he began, and then stopped.

"Don't take offense, but I think I know how you feel."

Hoshi's eyebrows shot up.

"I'm not second guessing the Admiral's decision, or defending Gaeta's decision to mutiny.  But the fact remains that he was a fine officer and a good man, and you loved him, despite what he did."

Hoshi teared up again, but remained quiet and nodded.

"That's more or less how I felt when I found out that Ellen had passed on information about the Resistance to the Cylons.  She'd betrayed us all, but that didn't lessen my love for her one whit."

Tigh paused, gazing back across months and light years.

"Well, I was mess after that," he continued, "but the thing that's helped me the most to cope with that loss, and all the crap that's happened since then, has been my duty.  The fleet's a mess right now, and the human race has never been in worse trouble, and right now we need everyone at their posts, keeping this ship flying and protecting us all."

"Even though you're a Cylon, sir?" Hoshi asked.

Tigh looked at him sharply for  a moment, but seeing only respect on Hoshi's face, and hearing only curiosity in his voice, the XO answered.  "I've been a Cylon all my life, even when I thought I was human, so I don't know if I really understand how real humans think.  But from what I can see, the human mind and the Cylon mind are like car transmissions: you can have manual or you can have automatic, but in the end, they do the same job and they're part of otherwise identical cars.  It's how you drive it that really matters."

Hoshi nodded, and dried his eyes, deep in thought.  Tigh counted slowly to himself.  When he reached ten, he asked: "So, like I said, I think I know how you feel, but we need you to take your post.  There are so few of us left."

Hoshi stood up.  "Yes, sir.  I am ready.  It's what Felix would do."

"Yes," Tigh agreed.  "It is."


(This little slip of a story inspired a superb, much longer story by [ profile] millari about Louis Hoshi and his life after the mutiny, entitled Aftermath.  Go read it now.)
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As a favor for [ profile] millari , and anyone else who might benefit from it, here is a transcript of part two of the new BSG webisodes.  (Or Gaetasodes, as she calls them.)  

There are a couple of points at which I am not certain that I have transcribed the dialogue correctly, and I have underlined the text at that point to signal my uncertainty.  If I simply couldn't understand what was said well enough even to hazard a guess, I simply put [inaudible] and moved on.

Part Two transcript )


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Author’s Note: The story is meant to address how the battle of New Caprica might have gone had Helena Cain still been alive.  It’s a sequel to an earlier fic, Hubris, an AU in which the budding civil war in mid Season Two between Galactica and Pegasus was averted, and Cain was imprisoned aboard the Galactica, where she has remained for a year, waiting for her war to come back to her.

Characters: Helena Cain, Bill Adama, Lee Adama, Dee, Cat, Peter Laird, Racetrack

Rating: PG?  Some violence, no sex

Spoilers: through early Season 3.  

Word Count: 3450


Safer With Her )


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The moment that sums the great flood for me was completely mundane, yet all the more uncanny for being so astonishingly unlikely. I can recall the fights, the desperate people, the strangeness of Laudan streets becoming branches of the Thaims, the floating bodies, the monsters the bodies became, the sadness, the fear, the danger, but that all fades into the mist of exhaustion. More than anything else, the experience of the flood was the experience of an exhaustion so distilled that I nearly weep to think of it. However, on the second day, there was a moment of precious beauty, a little reminder of the wonder Render wove into every part of the Cloth.

There was a house, four stories tall, that had collapsed, and only the dirty red roof stuck out of the water, which was still flowing swiftly. Perched on top of the roof was a small grey tabby cat. It calmly watched the water go by, tail curled around its paws for some time. Then, it realized I was watching, and it stood up, stretched itself, and moved to the edge of the roof. It watched the current for a few moments, head bobbing, and then it leaped onto a broken table that was drifting by. The table wobbled, and nearly capsized, but the cat held on and kept its balance, and as the table drifted off, the cat sat up on its new perch and curled its tail around again to watch the city fall apart around it as it drifted on through with dry feet.

Call me a fool if you like, but right then and there I said a prayer of thanks to all the gods that I had lived to see that moment.
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Title: Promises

Shows: BSG

Characters:Felix Gaeta/ Gaius Baltar/Tom Zarek/others in cameo.

Pairing: Gaeta/Baltar

Spoilers: relies on knowledge of a few general points through the end of Season 2.

Rating: I strongly imply awesome homosexual interaction, and mention homophobic violence on New Caprica.

Word Count: 2349.

I wrote this story for [ profile] millari for her birthday. [ profile] usakeh_fics provided helpful editorial comments, and [ profile] daybreak777 gave me timely encouragement.

Promises )
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I wrote this at writing retreat this past weekend, when challenged to write a letter explaining why I wouldn't be writing anymore. So I wrote BSG fic.

Dear Doctor Baltar )
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Title: Is There A Doctor In The White House?

Shows: Dr. Who/West Wing cross over

Characters: Tenth Doctor & Martha/folks from the West Wing

Spoilers: Through end of West Wing season 1.

Rating: sadly, this story has very little sex or violence.

Word Count: 4329.

Thanks to [ profile] millari for help with a scene, and for copy editing.

This is a gift for my friend [ profile] _usakeh_. Happy birthday!

Leo, may I have a word? )

A neat idea

May. 9th, 2008 02:25 am
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Some other folks whose stories I like have done this, so I shall, too:

Tell me about a story I haven't written and I'll write you one sentence about it.

There's no expiration date on this. Feel free to challenge me whenever you like.
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1) In the immediate aftermath of the Cylon Attack, Kendra is able to find the trap-doors the Cylons hid inside the code of the CMP program while she's concussed, short of sleep, and busy getting the computers back online.  She'd need to be incredibly lucky just to stumble onto the right lines of code (out of the millions that must make up the whole package), and combine it with a flash of true inspiration to see the offending sections for what they were.  This is, after all, the same hidden code that none of the human programmers, including boy-genius Gaius Baltar, discovered during the months of development.  That sort of incredible insight into computer code makes sense if she's a Cylon.

2) When Kendra goes to the galley to sneak a fix from whatever is in the hypodermic she hid in the coffee can, she first tunes the radio to static, which sounds just like the static to which Colonel Tigh listens, from which All Along The Watchtower emerges, at the end of season 3.  She doesn't say what she's seeking in the static, and maybe she doesn't even know, but the behavior parallels that of Sam, Tory and Tigh at the end of season 3.

3) When Kendra speaks with the Cylon Hybrid at the end of Razor, it tells her to warn the other humans about Kara Thrace.  Kendra radios the Pegasus, and says that she has to warn them about Kara.  Then the Cylons jam the transmission, before Kendra can pass on anything else that she's heard.  Why would the apparently prophetic Hybrid do that?  (The other Cylons worship and obey the Hybrid, so if it didn't want them to jam the signals, they wouldn't.)  It would be stupid to give her a warning to share and then prevent her from sharing it...unless it knew she'd be around later, perhaps resurrected in some way.  (If it can work for Kara, it can work for Kendra.)

4) While this doesn't play off of specific events in Razor, picking Kendra for the final Cylon has the advantage of not messing with any more of the regular characters while, at the same time, giving us a character that we know, so that the revelation has some emotional impact when it, at last, comes.

The one compelling counter-argument based on in-show information (as opposed to arguments arising from a sense that it must be some other character) is that Kendra comes from a prominent family and that her recently-deceased mother was a prominent legislator.  However, if a famous athlete, who was no doubt the subject of fannish biographies and journalistic histories, can nevertheless turn out to be a Cylon, I don't see what a senator's daughter can't be, as well.  (I do wonder how it would have worked, and my guess is that the Final Five must have been changelings, swapped for real human children in infancy.)

EDIT: Reason #5) If it is Kendra, it would explain why only four of the final five activated during the battle of the nebula, with the crappy music: being dead, she wasn't around to hear it. There are other ways to account for missing fifth Cylon, but this has the advantage of simplicity, logic, and not requiring any further information than what has already been revealed.
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It was the dead of ship-board night, and Sharon walked the halls of Galactica alone. She had tried to sleep, but once again, the walls of her rack had closed in on her, driving her onto the cold metal floors of home. The layout troubled her slightly, as it always did. Something about it nagged at her, awakening her loneliness and evoking a feeling that she didn’t truly belong. She ignored it as best she could, until she could resist no longer, and her bare feet found their way to the hangar deck. She padded along the upper gantry, looking down at the figures toiling there, until she stopped and sat on the floor, her legs dangling over the edge, her forehead resting on a railing.


Chief Tyrol hated working the early shifts, but while he did make the schedule, he couldn’t control when illness and overwork would leave him no choice but to take up the slack himself.

There was a full workload that morning, and he spent much of it up to his elbows in viper avionics, and checking on the others' progress.  After a few hours, he found just a moment to steal away, and sit, staring at the deck.  After perhaps two minutes, he felt a light touch on his hand.  He looked up, knowing who it was. 

Cally smiled, kissing him ever-so-lightly on the lips.  He returned the smile, took her hand and squeezed it for moment, and then went back to work.  He did not once look up at the walkway overlooking the flight deck.


Sharon stared fixedly down at the small patch of the flight deck, the isolated patch of quiet where the Chief liked to go for a moment alone.  She heard someone approaching alone the walkway, and looked up to see another her, naked, come up and sit beside her.  Sharon—Boomer—said nothing.  The other Eight waited a minute, and then said: “I can see why you come here.”

“Y-you can?” Boomer blinked.

The other nodded.  “It’s very peaceful.  I like the way the waves curl in and out.  It’s very soothing.”

Boomer swallowed, and then joined her model-sister in her projection, a seaside view very popular with their fellows.  Boomer hated it.  It wasn’t based on anything she’d experienced, and sitting here, she was far too close to the water.

Her sister put her arm around Boomer’s shoulder, and kissed her on the cheek.  “I know you miss them, but they didn’t love you for who you are.  We do.  You’re better off with us.  After all, here, you can be anywhere you want to be.”

Boomer nodded.  Her sister smiled, and stood up, and went on her way.  As soon as she was gone, Boomer returned to the Galactica, and looked back down at where her life had been.  So long as she focused there, she could ignore the troopers marching about and repairing raiders, and cling to the image of home. 

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Note: there are several key scenes that originally appeared in episode 2/13 “Epiphanies” that I haven’t included in this story because they break up the flow of the narrative I’m presenting, but that I do see as happening.  Most specifically, the scenes in which Baltar cures Roslin, Roslin visits Jahee in his cell, Baltar reads the letter from Roslin, and Baltar sends Jahee with a nuclear warhead for Gina.

Hubris Part 5 )



Helena Cain's AU story continues in Safer With Her

[ profile] whatever_lj  has written a fabulous companion story to Hubris as part of the 2011 BSG remix challenge, Out Of The Loop.

Thank you!
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This is an AU BSG fic which I am writing for the SSWA community.  Basically, the folks there wanted to rewrite the occupation of New Caprica their way, and part of that was keeping Admiral Cain alive, but they hadn't worked out the repercussions of that choice.  Thus, I'm writing this fic to supply the community with back-story.  Some of the dialogue here was taken from the actual show and modified to suit my dramatic purposes.  Battlestar Galactica is not my creation, and I make no attempt to usurp the rights and privileges of its creators...though I hope that I do improve upon what they actually did on the show. 
Thanks to [personal profile] cerebel and [personal profile] millari for their gracious proof-reading and commentary.

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More BSG fic,  cross posted to so_say_we_all
This is an AU BSG fic which I am writing for the SSWA community.  Basically, the folks there wanted to rewrite the occupation of New Caprica their way, and part of that was keeping Admiral Cain alive, but they hadn't worked out the repercussions of that choice.  Thus, I'm writing this fic to supply the community with back-story.  Some of the dialogue here was taken from the actual show and modified to suit my dramatic purposes.  Battlestar Galactica is not my creation, and I make no attempt to usurp the rights and privileges of its creators...though I do hope that I improve upon what they actually did on the show.

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This is cross posted to [profile] so_say_we_all.  This is an AU BSG fic which I am writing for the SSWA community.  Basically, the folks there wanted to rewrite the occupation of New Caprica their way, and part of that was keeping Admiral Cain alive, but they hadn't worked out the repercussions of that choice.  Thus, I'm writing this fic to supply the community with back-story.

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