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Jan. 15th, 2030 10:28 am
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Here are some stories that I have written:


Hubris and its sequel Safer With Her


The Place Where, When You Go There, They Have To Take You In

Repairing The Damage

The Only Thing New In This World, written for [ profile] bsg_remix  in 2011.

(oh, and an unfinished story I have abandoned: Tenure Track )


Is There A Doctor In The White House?

Cost Of Friendship
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A couple of years ago, I posted the following challenge:

Tell me about a story I haven't written and I'll write you one sentence about it. 

I love this idea, so it's going to be the permanent opening post of this journal.  Please feel free to pose me new problems whenever you'd like.
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The moment that sums the great flood for me was completely mundane, yet all the more uncanny for being so astonishingly unlikely. I can recall the fights, the desperate people, the strangeness of Laudan streets becoming branches of the Thaims, the floating bodies, the monsters the bodies became, the sadness, the fear, the danger, but that all fades into the mist of exhaustion. More than anything else, the experience of the flood was the experience of an exhaustion so distilled that I nearly weep to think of it. However, on the second day, there was a moment of precious beauty, a little reminder of the wonder Render wove into every part of the Cloth.

There was a house, four stories tall, that had collapsed, and only the dirty red roof stuck out of the water, which was still flowing swiftly. Perched on top of the roof was a small grey tabby cat. It calmly watched the water go by, tail curled around its paws for some time. Then, it realized I was watching, and it stood up, stretched itself, and moved to the edge of the roof. It watched the current for a few moments, head bobbing, and then it leaped onto a broken table that was drifting by. The table wobbled, and nearly capsized, but the cat held on and kept its balance, and as the table drifted off, the cat sat up on its new perch and curled its tail around again to watch the city fall apart around it as it drifted on through with dry feet.

Call me a fool if you like, but right then and there I said a prayer of thanks to all the gods that I had lived to see that moment.
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Title: Promises

Shows: BSG

Characters:Felix Gaeta/ Gaius Baltar/Tom Zarek/others in cameo.

Pairing: Gaeta/Baltar

Spoilers: relies on knowledge of a few general points through the end of Season 2.

Rating: I strongly imply awesome homosexual interaction, and mention homophobic violence on New Caprica.

Word Count: 2349.

I wrote this story for [ profile] millari for her birthday. [ profile] usakeh_fics provided helpful editorial comments, and [ profile] daybreak777 gave me timely encouragement.

Promises )


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