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As a favor for [livejournal.com profile] millari , and anyone else who might benefit from it, here is a transcript of part two of the new BSG webisodes.  (Or Gaetasodes, as she calls them.)  

There are a couple of points at which I am not certain that I have transcribed the dialogue correctly, and I have underlined the text at that point to signal my uncertainty.  If I simply couldn't understand what was said well enough even to hazard a guess, I simply put [inaudible] and moved on.

[exterior shot of Raptor]

Shark: Any ship, Raptor 718, please respond—Any ship respond. 

[interior shot]

Shark: Any ship, Raptor 781, please respond.  Any ship respond.

ECO: I entered the coordinates right.

Gaeta: [adjusting prosthetic leg] Oh, godsdamn end cap.

Brooks:  Jump us back.  They’ll leave a raptor behind for a little while, right?

Pilot Eight: No, that depends, if they don’t want to give away our location.

Brooks: That true?

Girly Eight: Cavil’s base ships could be out there anywhere.

Pilot Eight: Exactly.

Gaeta: They know we didn’t make it.  They’d leave somebody.

Pilot Eight [off camera]: Maybe.

ECO: Jump drive’s not responding.

Brooks:  What?

Gaeta: What? What the frak?

Pilot Eight: Why not?

Shark: Gimme a sec.

[Brooks pulls out an amulet of Poseidon and begins mumbling a prayer.]

Pilot Eight: A Poseidon medal?  Hey, we’re a long way from water.

Brooks:  It’s a ship, isn’t it?

Shark: I know why the drive’s not responding.  We’ve jumped over the red line.

Gaeta: So now we can’t even jump back to where we started?  [Sighs heavily and shifts to jump console.]  Our calculations just got non-linear.

Pilot Eight: I knew I didn’t recognize these star patterns.

Brooks: You can recognize star patterns with the naked eye?

ECO: They’d never send us so far.  I must have frakked up the coordinates.

Gaeta: Or you didn’t.  If a high-energy charged subatomic particle hit us, it could have randomly flipped one bit of data in our jump coordinates.  It got entered correctly, but corrupted.

Brooks: So, something flips from one to zero, sends us to the bucket end of no place.

ECO:  So, we don’t know where the fleet is, and if we did, we couldn’t go there.

Pilot Eight: You know what?  Cavil’s enemy base ships could be out there anywhere.

Brooks: (talking over Pilot Eight) What do we do?  We can’t just sit here.

Shark: Quiet!  Let me think.  The calculations are non-linear.  They aren’t impossible.

ECO:  But we don’t know where we are.  Godsdamnit, there is still a chance I frakked it up.

Girly Eight (softly to Gaeta):  Don’t you recognize me, Felix?

[He stares at her.]

Shark: [off camera, background] Wait a minute, what he’s saying makes sense.  There’s a star cluster [inaudible].  I’ve heard of this.  It’s called a single event upset.

Girly Eight: It’s me.

[Scene Break: establishing shot of fleet, then switch to Galactica Interior]

Tigh: Pull yourself together, Lieutenant.  They know where the fleet is.

Hoshi: That’s my point, sir.  It was a false alarm.  Everyone has jumped back.  Over two days—they’re not here.  Just give me a raptor and a pilot.

Tigh: What would you do with that?  Jump randomly?

Hoshi: Sir, there is something in the Universe, something let us find Earth, dead as it is.  And I know, I know I can find Felix. 

Tigh: Lieutenant…

Hoshi: Me and Felix…

[Tigh’s expression changes as comprehension dawns.]

Hoshi: and there’s been too much loss already

Tigh: I’ll have to run it by the Old Man.

Hoshi: Thank you, sir.  Thank you.


[Cut back to raptor, adrift in space.  Then, interior shot.]

Shark: Enough food and water for two weeks if we aren’t fussy about waste recycling, so our limiting factor is air.  Twenty hours left…

[off camera] Of course, shuttle detail, we get the raptor with the clapped out CO2 scrubbers.  Frak you very much.

[on camera, turning to address the others] Every breath counts now, folks.  We gotta limit exertions, sleep as much as we can.

ECO: Twenty hours.  My gods.

Shark: That’s after I thinned the air, pulled it into the tanks; we’re at 68 percent of ship normal O2.

ECO: Sixty-eight?  At that level, you’re talking memory loss, irrational behavior, depression, dizziness. 

Shark: Better dizzy than dead.



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