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1) In the immediate aftermath of the Cylon Attack, Kendra is able to find the trap-doors the Cylons hid inside the code of the CMP program while she's concussed, short of sleep, and busy getting the computers back online.  She'd need to be incredibly lucky just to stumble onto the right lines of code (out of the millions that must make up the whole package), and combine it with a flash of true inspiration to see the offending sections for what they were.  This is, after all, the same hidden code that none of the human programmers, including boy-genius Gaius Baltar, discovered during the months of development.  That sort of incredible insight into computer code makes sense if she's a Cylon.

2) When Kendra goes to the galley to sneak a fix from whatever is in the hypodermic she hid in the coffee can, she first tunes the radio to static, which sounds just like the static to which Colonel Tigh listens, from which All Along The Watchtower emerges, at the end of season 3.  She doesn't say what she's seeking in the static, and maybe she doesn't even know, but the behavior parallels that of Sam, Tory and Tigh at the end of season 3.

3) When Kendra speaks with the Cylon Hybrid at the end of Razor, it tells her to warn the other humans about Kara Thrace.  Kendra radios the Pegasus, and says that she has to warn them about Kara.  Then the Cylons jam the transmission, before Kendra can pass on anything else that she's heard.  Why would the apparently prophetic Hybrid do that?  (The other Cylons worship and obey the Hybrid, so if it didn't want them to jam the signals, they wouldn't.)  It would be stupid to give her a warning to share and then prevent her from sharing it...unless it knew she'd be around later, perhaps resurrected in some way.  (If it can work for Kara, it can work for Kendra.)

4) While this doesn't play off of specific events in Razor, picking Kendra for the final Cylon has the advantage of not messing with any more of the regular characters while, at the same time, giving us a character that we know, so that the revelation has some emotional impact when it, at last, comes.

The one compelling counter-argument based on in-show information (as opposed to arguments arising from a sense that it must be some other character) is that Kendra comes from a prominent family and that her recently-deceased mother was a prominent legislator.  However, if a famous athlete, who was no doubt the subject of fannish biographies and journalistic histories, can nevertheless turn out to be a Cylon, I don't see what a senator's daughter can't be, as well.  (I do wonder how it would have worked, and my guess is that the Final Five must have been changelings, swapped for real human children in infancy.)

EDIT: Reason #5) If it is Kendra, it would explain why only four of the final five activated during the battle of the nebula, with the crappy music: being dead, she wasn't around to hear it. There are other ways to account for missing fifth Cylon, but this has the advantage of simplicity, logic, and not requiring any further information than what has already been revealed.
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